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When Apple introduced the Touch Bar to its MacBook Pro lineup, it was supposed to be a game changer in terms of how we used our laptops. Unfortunately, many still seem to largely prefer having a row of function keys instead of a OLED strip, although this isn’t to say that it is completely useless.

However, at Computex 2019, Intel has cooked up a concept which shows Apple how it should have been done. Dubbed the Intel Ambient PC, this is a concept laptop in which Intel has placed an OLED strip on the front outer portion of the laptop where the lid closes. With this OLED screen, it will be able to show laptop users additional information without having to open their computer.

For example, users could use it to show information such as their next calendar appointments, upcoming reminders, and it seems that it could even be used to control music playback. The concept shown off also seems to be integrated with Alexa where users could summon Alexa without having to open their laptops.

Unfortunately, this is only a concept and we are unsure if there are plans for computer makers to introduce a similar concept to their laptops. We are also unsure how useful this would be, but at a glance, we reckon it does hold more potential compared to what Apple’s Touch Bar feature can do.

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