nokia-headquarters-logo-sign-001-630x472A couple of weeks ago, Nokia made a surprise announcement in which they stated that they will be returning to the smartphone market with devices of their own come 2016. Given the somewhat legendary status Nokia has had amongst mobile phone owners from back in the day, safe to say that many are anticipating their return.

So who will make these devices when they’re ready to begin production? Well according to the folks at NPU, they have heard from their sources that Foxconn could be the company Nokia is tapping to build their devices. As it stands Foxconn is building the Nokia N1 tablet so there was always the possibility of returning to Foxconn for future business.

That being said this is in line with Nokia’s previous announcement. The company had stated that they will not be producing the phones themselves like they did in the past, which we suppose makes sense given that together with their mobile phone unit, they sold some of their factories to Microsoft. Instead Nokia will be designing the phones and licensing the brand.

In some ways this would similar to the partnership that BlackBerry and Foxconn have. NPU has also heard that India, China, and a handful of European countries will be some of the first markets that Nokia’s Android smartphone will be launched in.

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