We’re sure you’ve seen movies in which the cars can be driven remotely using a smartphone app. If you’re wondering when such an app would be made a reality, it seems that you won’t have to wait much long as Land Rover UK has recently developed a Range Rover prototype vehicle that can be controlled by a smartphone app.


According to Land Rover, this will allow drivers to navigate rough terrain with a different perspective, as well as allow them to park in tight spots where they might not be able to get out of the car, or if they need extra eyes when the side and rear-view mirrors are lacking. At the moment, the feature will limit the car’s speed to 4mph and the smartphone app will have to be at least within 10 feet.

This ensures that the car can’t be controlled remotely from a different building or have it speeding down the streets at 60mph. Land Rover expects that in the future, they could bake voice commands into the system as well. Now the idea of controlling your car with a smartphone app isn’t new.

Companies like Hyundai and Volvo have apps that allows you to start the car, honk the horn, turn on the lights, and unlock its doors, but to actually drive it remotely, that’s a feature that isn’t too common. However we should remind you guys that this is a prototype and we reckon there will probably be a ton of legal and regulatory hurdles to overcome before it is made a reality.

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