samsung stylus patentThe S Pen feature on the Samsung Galaxy Note series is an amazing idea. It lets users create handwritten notes, draw, and interact with the device in more ways than one. However at the same time we can’t blame you if you’re a little worried that one day the stylus might somehow just slip out of its slot and get lost forever.

However Samsung has a patent for that which could hopefully alleviate your worries. Basically what the patent seems to suggest is that the stylus can be ejected using a voice command, meaning that there will be a mechanism in place that will hold the stylus and will only release it when it hears your voice (or a voice command).

Now apart from ensuring the stylus remains in place, there are potentially other uses for it. For starters one of those uses could be a security feature where it would prevent non-authorized users from using your stylus. This could also tie in with apps that might require a digital signature, so that only when your voice ejects the stylus will the app know that it is you who is signing said document.

Speaking of apps, it could also be used to launch an app straight away, so if you were to command the phone to eject the stylus because you want to draw, it would eject the stylus and launch a drawing app at the same time. Unfortunately given that this is just a patent, there’s really no telling if Samsung will make it a reality, but what do you guys think? Is this a feature you’d like to see in future Galaxy Note  devices?

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