xiaomi-mi-note-pro-10When you buy a smartphone, it’s almost always a guarantee that it will come bundled with a charger because if it didn’t, how would you charge your device, right? However it seems that Xiaomi’s CEO is contemplating (via PhoneArena) about unbundling chargers from their products in the future and it’s not for the reason you think.


If you’re thinking that it is because it would save Xiaomi more money, you would be wrong. Technically you would be right but according to the company’s CEO Lei Jun, the reason is due to environmental concerns. Given that most of us have at least gone through one or two smartphones by now, we should have old chargers lying around.

However if we were to accumulate chargers, this is just unnecessary production and consumption of resources, not to mention throwing them away just sees them ending up in a landfill somewhere. Given that the majority of devices these days charge using micro USB, or Lightning if you’re an Apple user, and that most of them can be charged by plugging the cable into a computer or wall socket, there really is no need to keep giving away chargers.

However it is understandable that there are users who move around a lot and might need multiple chargers for multiple locations, so convenience is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration.

We have to say that there is some logic to his argument and proposal, although there are some who believe that his is hiding behind this excuse as a way to cut costs and improve profit margins, but whether or not this is truly his agenda, we are finding it hard to disagree – but what say you? Would you be fussed if your next smartphone did not come with its own charger?

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