Imagine you’re in Washington for the first time and you want to see the sights and sounds of the city, chances are that the White House might find its way on your itinerary. Those who are really fascinated by the president’s digs can go on the official White House tours which takes visitors along a pre-determined route and doesn’t include any face time with the president and/or the first family. Regardless, perhaps you might want to take a photo to capture the memory of actually visiting the White House? Well you weren’t allowed to do so for 40 years but that changes today.

In a memo released to the press this morning the White House has confirmed that a 40-year ban on photos and cameras on tours has been lifted, first lady Michelle Obama also got in on the announcement by posting a short video on many of her social media accounts in which she tears a “no photos or social media sign.”

What does this mean for visitors? This means that they’re now allowed to take photos on the White House tour but there are some restrictions. Flash photography and livestreaming is not allowed.

Visitors can’t use tablets or video cameras including action cameras, cameras with interchangeable lenses are not allowed, selfie sticks, monopods or tripods are not welcome as well. Smartphones are fine though, as are compact cameras that have lenses not exceeding 3 inches.

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