The congressionally-mandated National Security Report was released by the White House yesterday. The document details the current administration’s take on national security. The detailed report includes a mention of 5G wireless technology. The administration has declared the rollout of a nationwide 5G wireless service as a national security priority. This priority was mentioned in the section about improving the country’s infrastructure.

“We will improve America’s digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G Internet capability nationwide.” the National Security Strategy report says. Natural gas was the only other national security priority that was called out in the infrastructure section.

A nationwide 5G network will be made possible by a set of standards and technologies that interoperate to provide ultra-fast data connectivity. The end user will see latency and bandwidth improvements.

A lot of work is already being done in this area for the commercial advancement of 5G networks. Verizon, the country’s largest mobile carrier, has already announced that it’s going to launch its 5G network in five cities across the country next year.

Just how soon companies working on the advancement of commercial 5G are able to deploy their networks remains to be seen. A recommendation from the White House can only do so much to clear the technological obstacles that have to be cleared before a nationwide 5G network can be rolled out.

The full National Security Strategy report can be downloaded from the White House’s website.

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