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A Social Media Summit May Be Hosted At The White House Next Month
Some of your favorite social media personalities might be heading to Washington, D.C. A new report mentions that the White House is going to hold a social media summit next month. No further details have been confirmed at this point in time, but White House spokesman Judd Deere said the summit will “bring together digital leaders for a robust conversation on the opportunities and challenges of today’s online environment.”

White House Staff Banned From Using Personal Devices
It was first reported in November last year that the White House was mulling a ban on personal devices for staffers at work. A statement from press secretary Sarah Sanders confirms that the White House has now banned staffers from using their personal devices at work. This ban also applies to West Wing guests.

5G Wireless Service Is Now A National Security Priority
The congressionally-mandated National Security Report was released by the White House yesterday. The document details the current administration’s take on national security. The detailed report includes a mention of 5G wireless technology. The administration has declared the rollout of a nationwide 5G wireless service as a national security priority. This priority was mentioned in the section about improving the country’s infrastructure.

White House Petition Site Shut Down Temporarily
The White House has shut down its public petition website but don’t worry, it’s just a temporary measure. It has confirmed that an updated version of the petition website will go live in the near future. The site was taken offline late last night after 11 months of silence on it. The White House has promised to respond to public concerns raised through petitions in 2018.


White House Staff May Be Banned From Using Personal Phones At Work
According to a new report, the White House is thinking about implementing a new ban which will prevent members of the staff from using their personal phones when they’re at work. The report mentions that the possibility of the ban has raised concerns among some staffers as they feel they will be cut off from their families and friends while they’re at work. The administration is reportedly mulling this step […]

White House Wi-Fi Is As Bad As Yours
Most people aren’t happy with the Wi-Fi in their home. It’s either because the modem and router combo the ISP has hooked them up with isn’t as good as they want it to be or if they’re not sure how to set up the various products available in the market to improve Wi-Fi range in the house. You’d think that the White House will be exempt from this problem, because […]

The White House Has Joined Snapchat
Under the current administration, the White House has really taken to social media and the man in the Oval Office has also established his online presence on the two most popular social networks: Facebook and Twitter. Now, though, POTUS is headed over to a network that’s much more popular with teens and the younger generation, because the White House has just joined Snapchat.

White House Finally Responds To Pardon Petition For Edward Snowden
Over two years back Edward Snowden made some startling revelations about the electronic spying programs of the National Security Agency. He leaked a treasure trove of documents from the agency which showed the absolute power that the NSA had with regards to electronic surveillance and since then he has periodically leaked more documents to highlight the agency’s programs. He obviously had to leave the United States before setting on this path […]

Google And White House Team Up To Provide Free Internet To Low-Income Families
The White House has teamed up with Google as well as ISPs such as Sprint, Centurylink and Cox to provide free broadband internet to low-income families across the country. It’s a pilot program at this stage that aims to significantly improve the internet experience of low-income families in the USA. President Obama is due to announce this pilot program during a speech later today at a high school in Durant, Oklahoma.

40-Year Ban On White House Tour Photos Lifted
Imagine you’re in Washington for the first time and you want to see the sights and sounds of the city, chances are that the White House might find its way on your itinerary. Those who are really fascinated by the president’s digs can go on the official White House tours which takes visitors along a pre-determined route and doesn’t include any face time with the president and/or the first family. Regardless, perhaps […]

The U.S. President Finally Gets Own Twitter Account
The @POTUS, or President of the United States, Twitter account has finally gone live today. Previously the sitting president, Barack Obama, used to interact through @WhiteHouse or his personal @BarackObama account. Now finally there’s a separate account for @POTUS which will most certainly be taken over by the person who gets President Obama’s job in 2016.

Obama Announces Funding For Police Body Cameras
The White House announced today that $263 million in federal funding for police training and body cameras has been set aside by executive order. $75 million has been earmarked just for the purchase of body cameras for police officers across the U.S. It is estimated that this money will aid in the purchase of some 50,000 body cameras. Rest of the money will be put towards training of law enforcement officers […]