A lot of games tend to have Easter Eggs in them if you know where to look. Blizzard’s games are no exception and in Diablo 3, the company has recently decided to honor one of the game’s deceased artists with a rare in-game item. The artist’s name is Kevin Kanai Griffith and passed away in October 2014 due to a rare form of cancer.

In a recent patch note, Blizzard revealed that the upcoming Kanai’s Cube is actually an in-game item that they named after the artist. For those unfamiliar, Kanai’s Cube was actually revealed last month and is basically the spiritual successor to Diablo 2’s Horadric Cube. Basically gamers can use the cube to enhance their gear and reforge Legendary and Ancient equipment.

As it stands, Kanai’s Cube is still in the Public Test Realm so if you want to check it out, you can go ahead and do so. It is expected to make its way into Patch 2.3.0 which still does not have a release date, but given that it’s currently being tested we expect that it won’t be too long before Blizzard releases it to Diablo 3 gamers.

In the meantime this isn’t the first time Blizzard has paid tribute to a fallen employee. In fact Kanai also has a tribute for him in World of Warcraft, and they also paid tribute to one of their employee’s brother who also passed away from cancer in World of Warcraft via a questline in Icecrown.

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