mega man helmetIf you grew up playing games, chances are at one point or the other you probably have heard or even played Capcom’s Mega Man series. In fact the game, despite it being such an old franchise, is still going on strong today with Capcom teaming up with Nintendo to release Mega Man-themed consoles.

Now if you consider yourself a huge Mega Man fan, and maybe you’re the type that likes to cosplay as Mega Man, you’re in luck because it seems that Capcom has an official Mega Man helmet that you can actually buy. So if you’d rather not make one for yourself or resort to buying third-party creations, Capcom’s official merchandize might be of interest to you.

As you can see in the image above, it looks more or less like the real thing, minus the cybernetic power enhancers, of course. The sides on the other hand will light up but that’s pretty much the extent of its super powers, but even then we have to admit that the inner geek in us is loving it!

Unfortunately pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed, but Capcom did state that the helmet will be on display at the San Diego Comic-Con which is taking place this weekend from the 9-12th of July, so if you’re in attendance you can go ahead and check it out.

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