Comcast is gearing up to unveil a new service for its users, which will be known as Xfinity Games. The company has collaborated with Electronic Arts in order to go about this new venture. It is now allowing sign-ups for doing a beta test for the service.

The whole deal is that now with the help of Xfinity Games, users will be bale to play games on their big screen television. The games will be streamed to the TV screen through user’s Comcast set-top box. The service will not require any additional equipment or downloads for streaming, users will be able to utilize their smartphones and tablets as controllers. Comcast is of a view that this service will be of great use to families with kids and even to the reluctant gamers.

Comcast users can also sign-up for the beta test through Xfinity Games website. The beta will enable users to access an array of Electronic Arts games, which also includes games such as Real Racing, Plants Vs Zombies, and many more. As of now, the beta version has support for Android-powered Samsung smartphones and tablets only. Comcast has revealed no information regarding the launch timeline and pricing of Xfinity Games for its users.

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