currentcYou might recall that last year when Apple Pay was launched, there was a big fuss over another competing payment service called CurrentC. Basically the service backed by the MCX consortium decided that it would block payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet (now known as Android Pay) from its participating stores.

It was later revealed that the exclusivity of CurrentC would only run for a few months, as opposed to forever which was what some had assumed. That being said for those who are wondering if CurrentC has any place in the mobile payments market, you will soon be able to find out as it has been suggested that CurrentC’s trial run is expected to kick off soon.

This is according to a report from Bloomberg where people familiar with the matter have told them that the trial run could begin as early as August. The service has so far been tested by employees of retailers, but the testing could soon expand to include customers. That being said, some of you might recall that CurrentC was hacked last year.

Naturally this does not really inspire much confidence, and according to Julie Conroy who is a payments security analyst at Aite Group, they will need to work hard to earn their customers’ trust back. In any case it might be a bit early to determine if they will succeed or fail, but in the meantime which mobile payment method do you prefer using at the moment?

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