When Apple first announced Apple Pay, it seemed like a feature that made sense. Using your iPhone or Apple Watch instead of an actual physical credit/debit card would make it easier to pay for things in the shop, especially if you don’t like to carry too many things around. However, seven years since its launch, it seems that things haven’t really picked up.

In a survey conducted by PYMNTS, they found that based on the results that adoption of Apple Pay is very low. For starters, they found that only 43.5% of consumers have devices that actually support Apple Pay, and that only 70% of merchants accept it. Even then, only 6.1% of eligible transactions are made using Apple Pay.

The survey found that 93.9% of those who have activated Apple Pay don’t use it, suggesting that while the interest might be there, not everyone is using it. However, there is some good news and that is as far as mobile wallet payments are concerned, the survey found that 45.5% of them were made using Apple Pay.

This means that while adoption of Apple Pay to use in lieu of a credit/debit card might be low, those using it as a mobile wallet to make online payments seems to be higher, so maybe that could be a direction Apple could explore further.

Of course, do note that this survey doesn’t necessarily represent the world or all of Apple Pay users, so perhaps in some regions Apple Pay might be faring better.

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