CVS Now Supports Apple Pay

Several years ago when Apple Pay was first launched, companies were initially resistant to the idea of adopting it because of the fees that they’d have to pay to Apple. CVS was one of those companies that had initially resisted adopting Apple Pay, but as you might have heard, earlier this year the company changed their mind.

7-Eleven Will Now Support Apple Pay & Google Pay

Mobile payments are expected to be one of the standards of payments in the future. After all there are countries and societies around the world that are trying to go the cashless route, and since we have our phones on us most of the time, it makes sense to use them for payments in place of cash or even cards.

Apple Pay Now Accepted At All Costco Warehouses

The upside of shopping at wholesale places is that prices tend to be considerably cheaper compared to regular stores, although the downside is that generally you would have to buy in bulk. However if that’s how you do your shopping, you’ll be pleased to learn that Costco is now accepting Apple Pay across all of its warehouses.

Apple Pay Reportedly Has 253 Million Users Around The World

Apple Pay’s roll out around the world has been a tad slow, however given that this involves financial transactions, we reckon that there’s probably a lot of regulatory hurdles that needs to be cleared for each country, as well as review of security protocols, and also deals that need to be struck up with local retailers.


Apple Pay Coming To 7-Eleven And CVS Later This Year

Considering how many iPhone users there are out there, you would think that should the opportunity arise to support payment platforms like Apple Pay, retailers would be on board. However at the same time we suppose the idea of transaction fees could have put some off, such as CVS who a couple of years ago decided to launch their own mobile payments solution.

eBay To Start Accepting Apple Pay

As eBay transitions to a non-PayPal payment system, it’s opening itself up to other payment systems as well. eBay has confirmed that it will soon start accepting Apple Pay. Apple’s own mobile payments service is used by countless people who own its products. Apple Pay will be one of the first payment options of its kind for eBay and it will enable customers to pay for goods through the eBay […]

Apple Might Release A Credit Card With Goldman Sachs

It appears that Apple wants to get into the credit card game and if a report today by The Wall Street Journal is anything to go by, the company is gearing up to launch a new credit card in collaboration with investment bank Goldman Sachs. Apple already has an existing credit card partnership with Barclays and if it’s going with Goldman this time around, it would mean that the partnership […]

Apple Pay Confirmed To Be Coming To Norway, Poland, Ukraine

Apple Pay’s rollout has been kind of slow, where given the number of countries Apple operates in and has products in, the number of countries that do support Apple Pay seem like a drop in the ocean. However Apple has been expanding its availability and during its recent earnings call, confirmed that Apple Pay will be expanding to three new countries.

iPhone X Bug Causing Problems For Suica Users In Japan

When Apple Pay launched in Japan, one of the features is that it allowed users to turn their phones into a Suica pass. For those unfamiliar, Suica is one of several transit card systems that is used in Japan. By turning your iPhone into a Suica pass, it means that users don’t need to worry about bring their card around as long as they have their phone.

Apple Pay, Google Pay Now Accepted At The Church Of England

As the rest of society gets even more hi-tech, we suppose it is inevitable that even religion catches up. For example at one point WeChat allowed users to pay for prayers, so we guess it isn’t surprising that the Church of England is now accept more modern payment methods like Apple Pay and Google Pay when it comes to receiving donations.

Apple Pay Used On 16% Of Active iPhones Worldwide

With there being so many mobile payment platforms to choose from, it’s safe to say that users are kind of spoilt for choice. Not to mention there are some retailers who refuse to cater to any of the existing platforms and instead choose to create their own mobile payments solution. Then there are also tech companies who would rather keep their payments systems exclusive to their own devices.

The UK Is Now Banning Shops From Charging Apple Pay Fees

Have you ever been to a store where you tried to pay by card but they refuse to let you unless you spend over a certain limit? Or maybe a shop that avoids accepting cards entirely? That’s because these shops want to avoid transaction fees associated with using cards, but the good news is that this practice is going away in the UK.

iOS 11.2 Released With Apple Pay Cash, Faster Wireless Charging

When iOS 11 was released, there were a couple of features that Apple advertised that weren’t launched with it, such as Apple Pay Cash, but that has changed as Apple has since released the update to iOS 11.2. With this update, Apple will finally bring Apple Pay Cash to the iOS platform, as well as support for faster wireless charging.

Apple Pay Cash Launched In Beta

A major Apple Pay feature that was announced earlier this year has gone live in beta today. Apple Pay Cash enables users to send and receive money in iMessages on iPhones. The feature has been launched in beta today, enabling person-to-person payments in the iMessage app. The public beta of this feature has been launched today on iOS 11.2 and users can opt in for it via the iOS Public […]