facebook logoFacebook is no stranger to the Internet – in fact, without the Internet, Facebook would not be what it is. Having said that, the social network company intends to look for different ways and methods to ensure that folks around the world will be able to hook up to the Internet for free, and they have explored the idea of using satellites alone but given up on it, and in March earlier this year, we reported on how lasers will come into the picture so that the next billion folks can get online.


Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed earlier rumors that it is working on the possibility of using both drones and satellites to hook up folks living in developing countries to the Internet, by offering what he calls a “laser communications system”. Facebook’s Connectivity Lab department is currently working on that idea in order to have them beam data from the sky, and Zuckerberg maintains that the system “dramatically increase the speed of sending data over long distances.”

Of course, this is still in its infancy, and many details concerning the project is expected to remain in a hush hush mode for the moment. At the end of the day, the more users that Facebook has, the higher the chances of the company leveraging their users to shape the future of social networking – not to mention to roll in the advertising moolah! Offering free Internet does seem to be a good Barter trade.

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