Nokia-Lumia-930-Beauty2If your smartphone is broken at the moment, and you are on the lookout for a brand new device so that you can get your mobile communications gig on, how about checking out the Windows Phone platform? Sure, it might not arrive with the app ecosystem and ease of use that iOS provides, not to mention the sheer number of varieties of hardware that Android delivers, but there is still a fair number of folks who are rocking to the Windows Phone platform, and they happen to look rather happy with it. If Windows Phone will be your flavor of the day for the moment, then you might want to pick up a Windows Phone from Microsoft Store in the US.


There is one very juicy carrot that is left dangling right in front of those who do so – each purchase will be accompanied by a pair of free Nokia headphones, and this is based on a while stocks last agreement, of course. The headset that is being given out would be the Coloud Boom Nokia Headphones that arrives in a bright and happy shade of yellow, and it does not matter as to which particular Windows Phone device is being picked up, whether they are in the entry level range or otherwise.

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