A new software update has been released by Fiat Chrysler for some of its internet-connected vehicles following reports that two hackers were able to commandeer a Jeep Cherokee remotely over the internet from miles away and drive it into a ditch. Naturally the software update is marked as urgent so if you happen to have one of those internet-connected vehicles it’s best that you get that update as soon as possible.

Wired did a lengthy story on the possibility that hackers can remotely access countless FCA vehicles and make them do their bidding, two professional hackers including one who previously worked for the National Security Agency were able to demonstrate that this is indeed possible. They will detail part of their method at the Black Hat security conference which takes place in Las Vegas in August.

Fiat Chrysler rushed to get the software update out the door to patch the vulnerability but the question remains whether the company has done enough to inform owners what the problem was.

Hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek commandeered the 2014 Jeep Cherokee using the car’s FCA Uconnect system which uses the Sprint network, by hacking into the system from miles away they were able to shut down the engine, control the steering and even disable its brakes all while the Wired reporter was sitting behind the wheel.

The hackers got in touch with Fiat Chrysler to tell them about the vulnerability which resulted in the software update being developed and urgently pushed out for Chrysler, Durango, Ram and Jeep.

If you happen to own any of these vehicles better take them in and ask for all recent updates to be installed.

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