apple logoWhile Samsung might be widely regarded as one of the larger smartphone manufacturers in the world, it seems that in the US, they have nothing on Apple. According to a recent comScore report, it has been found that Apple’s iPhone has gained a 1.8% increase in market share in the country, bringing their total market share to 43.5%.

Prior to this, Apple was sitting at 41.7% in February. As for the competition, most of them have actually seen a decrease in market share, like those from LG, HTC, and Motorola. Samsung was the exception although their market share increase was only by 0.1% putting them in second place with an overall market share of 28.7%.

However when it comes to smartphone platforms, as expected Android is in the lead. Google’s mobile platform is currently commanding a whopping 52.1% market share in the country, although it should be noted that this is actually a decrease of 0.7% from February 2015 where it was 52.8%.

iOS on the other hand once again saw an increase of 1.8% which is in line with its hardware and is now sitting at a market share of 43.5%, which once again seems to be similar to its iPhone market share, which we suppose isn’t too surprising given that Apple is the only company that makes and sells iOS devices.

The report also revealed that the market share for other platforms such as Microsoft and BlackBerry have seen a decrease as well.

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