evangelion trainYou know those Japan-based anime, manga, and video games that you think are pretty big back home? Chances are they have a much larger and dedicated fanbase in Japan itself. Heck, it’s not everyday you get to dine at a Hello Kitty cafe or a Final Fantasy themed restaurant, or visit Resident Evil inspired theme parks, right?


Also let’s not forget that massive Gundam statue in Tokyo! That being said it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that to celebrate Neon Genesis Evangelion’s 20th anniversary, Japanese train operator JR West has decided to create an Evangelion-themed bullet train (see concept above) which will then be put into operation.

The launch of the train will also celebrate the 40 years since the completion of the Sanyo Shinkansen line. Now before you think that this is just a train that’s going to be painted in shades of purple and green, think again. In addition to the awesome paint job, the inside of the train will actually be stocked with special memorabilia for fans to buy.

JR West claims that the train is expected to launch this autumn and will run until March next year and will complete two trips between Hakata and Shin-Osaka on a daily basis. So if you are a fan of Evangelion and you’re planning a trip to Japan, perhaps you’ll want to plan it around the time when the train is still active.

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