We’re sure some of you guys have gone to a variety of hotels in your travels where you’ve probably run into different experiences with the receptionist. Some are friendly, some are rude, some are efficient, some are helpful, and etc. The experience is basically not particularly consistent.

Enter the Henn na hotel (which apparently literally translates to “Weird Hotel”) in Japan where your experience should be consistent every single time, at least as far as the receptionist is concerned. But why is this? As it turns out this hotel will be relying on robots to serve you at the front desk.

What makes it even weirder is the fact that one of the two robots at the reception is a dinosaur robot (see video above), while the other is a Japanese-speaking female humanoid. For the most part the robots will be able to perform basic actions, such as check guests in by scanning their faces, but other than that don’t expect to hold a conversation with them or ask them where is the best place for ramen.

According to Hideo Sawada who runs the hotel, he told The Guardian that the idea of using robots was to help innovate the industry. “I wanted to highlight innovation. I also wanted to do something about hotel prices going up.” The hotel is located in Sasebo, Nagasaki, so if you’re in the area or if you’re looking for a unique holiday experience, then perhaps this is a hotel worth checking out.

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