john-chen-contextOver the past few years, there have been rumors that BlackBerry was looking to be acquired. There have been rumors that companies such as Samsung and Lenovo might be interested in the company, but to date none of those rumors have come true. Now if you’re still wondering if and when that might happen, it seems that it won’t, at least not anytime soon.


Speaking with CBC’s The Exchange’s Amanda Lang, BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen basically said that he has no intentions of selling the company at the moment. Chen claims that he believes that the company has yet to live up to its potential and at the moment, it does not represent the value of the company fairly.

According to Chen, “I don’t have any intention to sell BlackBerry. Not until the BlackBerry shareholder has good value reflecting truly what we have. Then, if there is a potential proper suitor that would take care of our customers… I have a fiduciary responsibility to listen. But until then, there’s not point in listening.”

That being said, we have recently heard rumors that BlackBerry could be considering employing a new strategy, which is to adopt the Android platform. Recently the company teamed up with Google to help improve the security of Android for businesses, so the idea of a BlackBerry Android handset might not be too far-fetched after all.

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