mastercard-660x440In the recent years, companies have started to come up with new and innovative pays of protecting its users online. Some have turned to using one-time use codes that will prevent hackers from using your credit card if they were to intercept your number. Some companies such as Apple have introduced biometric security that uses your fingerprints.

Now it looks like MasterCard wants to try something new as well which is through the use of facial recognition. Facial recognition technology itself isn’t new per se, but it will be new as far as authorizing credit card purchases are concerned. How it works is that whenever you attempt to make a purchase online, you will have to scan your face to prove that it is you.

We’re sure some are wondering if this can be bypassed just by holding up a photo of yourself, but apparently the system will require the user to blink to prove that it is not a video, although we’re not sure if this system can be fooled using a pre-recorded video of you blinking but hopefully that’s something MasterCard has already taken into account.

The company has also confirmed that they have partnered with tech companies such as Google, Apple, BlackBerry, Microsoft, and Samsung to help them implement this new system. Apart from facial recognition, the company is also looking to introduce fingerprint authentication and has also claimed that they are looking into the possibility of using your voice to authenticate yourself.

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