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Facebook’s Libra In Trouble As More Companies Withdraw Their Support
Last week, it was reported that Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency lost one of the companies that initially supported it. This came in the form of PayPal who decided to back out of the cryptocurrency. However, it seems that Libra could be in serious trouble because it looks like more founding companies are withdrawing their support as well.

Visa And Mastercard Transactions Could Get More Expensive In The U.S.
Ever wondered how card networks like Visa and Mastercard make money? They charge processing fees from merchants. They have to pay a small fee to the bank that issued the customers’ card while the customers’ bank pays a fee to the company operating the card network. As it turns out, Visa and Mastercard are looking to raise some of those fees.

Mastercard’s Free Trial Protection Only Applies To Physical Goods
Recently Mastercard announced a free trial protection feature where it will prevent merchants from billing customers automatically once a free trial period of a product/service ends. It sounds like this would be ideal for subscription-based services on the internet, like VPNs, music streaming, video streaming, cloud storage, and so on.

Mastercard Won't Let Merchants Bill You Automatically Once A Free Trial Ends
Signing up for a paid subscription service is very easy. Most of them offer a free trial to get you hooked in hopes of enticing you to spend your monthly on yet another recurring subscription. In most cases, the merchants will retain your card information when signing up for the free trial and charge the card automatically at the end of the free trial whether you want to continue using […]


Google & Mastercard Are Linking Online Ads With Offline Purchases
There is a conspiracy theory in which some believe that your smartphone is listening to you, in which some have discovered some crazy coincidences about how something they were just talking about appeared as an ad on their phone. Now in an interesting reversal, it seems that the ads we see online are being tracked to see whether we end up making a purchase offline.

Credit Card Companies Planning New Checkout Button To Compete With PayPal
When you shop online, you are usually presented with several ways of payment. The most common way would be to either use your credit card directly, or more often than not you will find PayPal as one of the options as well which is one of the more popular ways of making online payments.

Mastercard & Saks Team Up For Augmented Reality Shopping Experience
There are many in the tech industry who believe that augmented reality is the way of the future and how we experience things. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has long lauded the technology, and recently was quoted as saying that he believes one day in the future, no industry will be left untouched by AR technology.

Mastercard To Eliminate Signatures In 2018
It used to be back in the day that whenever you made a purchase using your credit card that you would have to sign the receipt to acknowledge the purchase, as well as proving that you are who you say you are. However these days things are changing and according to Mastercard (via MacRumors), signatures will soon be completely eliminated.

Mastercard Wants To Help Make Credit Card Payments Go Through Faster
We’re sure that you’ve been in queues where the items purchased aren’t a lot, like maybe buying a ticket for a train, or being in line at the supermarket where the person in front only has one or two items. However due to the payment process being slow, what should have taken less than a minute will take up more, and this eventually snowballs into a longer than necessary wait.

Mastercard Introduces Credit Cards With Fingerprint Scanners
Depending on the country you are in and the regulations, how your credit card’s security is handled might be different. For example some places might require you to just sign whenever you pay, other places will allow users to use NFC in their credit cards to tap against the terminal to make a payment, and sometimes a PIN is required.

Mastercard's Selfie Payments Rolling Out In The U.S. Early Next Year
Mastercard introduced its selfie payment mode earlier this year, it’s a new safety feature that lets users verify online transactions by using biometrics such as fingerprints and facial images. The company did say that this feature – formally called Identity Check Mobile – will be rolled out in the United States at some point in the future. Mastercard has now said that selfie payments will go live for BMO customers […]

Android Pay Expands Online Presence With Visa And Mastercard
Google today announced that it has inked strategic partnerships with Visa and Mastercard in order to bring Android Pay to more places online. The new partnerships will soon enable Android Pay users to pay on countless websites where Visa Checkout or Masterpass are accepted using the device authentication method of their choice, such as fingerprint recognition. This will eliminate the need for users to remember multiple usernames and passwords on […]

PayPal And MasterCard Come Together For Store Payments
PayPal has announced a new partnership with MasterCard today which is going to increase the payment service’s presence at point-of-sale in retail stores. The company signed a similar deal with Visa earlier this year and with this latest partnership it now has the same agreement with two of the most widely used card networks.

Mastercard Looks To Selfie As Payment Mode
Just when we recently heard two bits of disturbing news about a baby dolphin dying simply because it was shared around a group of people who wanted to snap a selfie with it, as well as a man who dragged a small shark onto the shore to snap a selfie with it, is there no good news about selfies that we can hear about these days? Mastercard has a remedy […]