volkerwessels-plastic-roadFor the most part, roads these days are typically built using asphalt, however a construction company by the name of VolkerWessels has decided that maybe we have been doing it all wrong, and that maybe what we really need are roads made out of plastic. The company has recently revealed their plans to create roads made out of recycled plastic.

This is not only a great way to reuse all that plastic that just won’t degrade naturally and turn them into something more useful. The company also believes that plastic roads are more sustainable and are going as far as calling it more practical because not only do they last three times longer than regular asphalt, but they’re less likely to crack under pressure or due to the weather either.

It seems that they will be able to withstand temperatures as low as -40F and as high as 176F, meaning that whether it is in the dead middle of winter or at the peak of summer, they should be able to hold their own. Other added benefits include being able to assemble them before hand, meaning that you could assemble them off-site and lay them out when it’s ready.

They can also be hollowed out which in turn allows for cables and pipes to run through them. Unfortunately it is a concept at the moment, although there the Dutch city of Rotterdam appears to be interested in trying it out, but what do you guys think?

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