polar loop 2When it comes to health-related wearables, Polar has been in the game for a while with devices like their heart rate monitors worn across the chest, although in the recent years, the company has started putting out devices like the Polar Loop which is a fitness band worn on the wrist. Now if you like what the original Loop did but wanted more features, you’re in luck.

Polar has recently announced the Loop 2 which is an upgraded version of its predecessor. For the most part, the Loop 2 will do what the original Loop did, which is track your activities throughout the day. However Polar has given it a bit of a modern upgrade by making it work together with your smartphone.

Just like more modern day fitness bands from Fitbit and Jawbone, the Loop 2 will now be able to display notifications from your smartphone on your wrist. It will also be able to vibrate when it gets those notifications, although admittedly it is a bit limiting since its display can only show a few letters at a time, but it should be good enough for you to get an idea of what to expect.

The Loop 2 will also have a feature that reminds users to get up and walk around if they have been sitting for too long. Unfortunately there is no heart rate monitor built into the wearable, but it is compatible with the H7 heart rate strap. Polar is also boasting that the Loop 2 has a battery life of anywhere between 3-8 days.

The device is expected to go on sale in July for $120 and will be available in white and pink. The black version is expected to ship later in September.

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