robot-modelThe world of fashion can be deemed to be a quirky one – and it is far from surprising at all to see how robots can play a role in fashion. Androids have made their way into fashion magazines as well as runways recently, where designers like Thom Browne and Rick Owens, alongside newcomers like David Koma, have touched on fembot imagery in the fall 2015 collection. Basically, models dressed in frocks that have been patterned with soldering dots and faux computer circuitry strutted their stuff.

Of course, uncanny merging between the two might also be rather uncomfortable for some, just like how zombies have become popular culture of late. Such next generation robots are depicted by actual humans, but they will be decked out in robotic details, as well as advanced motor skills. Heck, these models will also have to depict subtle facial tics which will make them all the more robotic in nature.

Future robotic models will also be developed in a manner where they will resemble “almost-perfect humans”, with silicone skin and well groomed mannerism so much so that they never need to look into a mirror to see whether there is anything out of place at all. Still, I am fairly sure that robotic models will not usurp their human predecessors no matter how advanced the field has become.

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