sandisk wirelessFlash drives are typically plugged into the USB ports of a computer. However if you have multiple computers that need access to the file, or if you have a computer like the 12-inch Retina MacBook that lacks USB ports, then SanDisk might have the answer for you in the form of the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick.

As the name implies, this is a flash drive that allows it to communicate wirelessly with as many as three devices at a time. This is thanks to the built-in WiFi that allows for wireless communication and data transfer. It will be available in 4 different sizes, ranging from as low as 16GB and going up to 128GB, with prices also ranging between $30-$100.

However given its wireless capabilities, it also means that there is a built-in battery which should allow a single-stream of transfer up to 4.5 hours on a single charge. There will also be an accompanying app for mobile devices like Android and iOS, as well as for computers like PC and Mac.

That being said if you’d rather not rely on wireless transfer, or wouldn’t mind it as an alternative, the SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick will also plug into USB ports where it will act like a regular flash drive. The device is currently available for purchase via websites such as Amazon, BestBuy, and SanDisk’s own website.

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