A footage posted by an Ecuadorian drummer Diego Miño is going viral on the internet. The video has been taken by Diego via selfie stick, it shows him walking among the crowd at pope’s mass in Ecuador. But that’s not what fetched it so many views, the video shows a thief in action.

Pope’s Ecuador mass was held last week and millions of people participated in it. Diego was walking casually amidst the hustle bustle with his GoPro set at the end of a selfie stick. In the video, we can spot a man following Diego.

In accordance with the reports that surfaced after the video went viral, Diego reported that his phone was sneaked away from his pocket. Although one can’t be fully sure that clearly in the footage, but we can see the man bending and sneaking something from the Diego’s jacket that was tied around his waist.

It is one a kind incident, where selfie stick has been pretty helpful to a user. In other cases reported in the past, we have seen selfie sticks coming up rather dangerous to the users. In today’s world, we are so occupied with multiple gadgets (smartphone, tablets, smartwatch etc) one can hardly keep a track of each and every gadget. Good for Diego that his GoPro mounted on a selfie stick captured the incident and there is some hope for him to retrieve his lost cell phone.

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