Xperia-Z5-Made-for-Bond-640x569Sony and the James Bond franchise kind of have a special bond, at least that’s how it seems in the past few years. In fact if you recall, in the Quantum of Solace movie, James Bond was found using a Sony Ericsson C902 smartphone, and in Skyfall the character was spotted with the Sony Xperia T.

So with the upcoming James Bond movie “Spectre”, what phone could James Bond be using next? Interestingly enough thanks to Digi-wo, there have been some images leaked online (see above) in which the tagline reads, “Made for Bond”, and underneath those words it says “Xperia -5”, with the letter before the “5” being blurred out.

This has led to speculation that the next Bond phone could be the rumored Sony Xperia Z5 which is expected for the later part of 2015. However it is entirely possible that Sony might be using a different lettering that would put the phone in an entirely different family of devices. However given that this is a Bond movie, we can only assume that Sony would want to use a flagship device, right?

That being said, earlier this year thanks to the leaked Sony emails, it was revealed that Sony had offered the current James Bond actor Daniel Craig a whopping $5 million fee to use a Sony smartphone in the next Bond movie, but at that time it was suggested that both Craig and director Sam Mendes turned the offer down. However if these images are the real deal, maybe they did come to an agreement after all.

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