sony-xperia-z3-z3v-review-05With so many Android OEMs in the market, one really needs to set themselves apart from the competition if they’re hoping to gain any traction. This is hard when it comes to hardware since for the most part, a lot of Android OEMs rely on the same hardware, which means that it really boils down to software.

Now it seems that Sony is trying to differentiate themselves in that department. According to a recent posting by Sony Mobile, the company is apparently looking to develop a new software experience for its users. “‘Sony’s Android concept’ is a new initiative for Sony users that have a passion for innovation and the latest technology. As a Sony user you have the opportunity to trial a new concept Android software build for Xperia Z3.”

However as the description notes, this is for the Sony Xperia Z3, but presumably if it all goes well it will eventually be rolled out to present and future Sony handsets as well. It is unclear as to what exactly this concept is going to be like, but the beta period is expected to begin from the 27th of July and will run until the 13th of September.

Sony hasn’t exactly been doing as well compared to other Android OEMs as of late, so maybe a nice switch up in the software department could get things rolling. Either way we’ll keep our eyes peeled and update you guys when we have more info about this new concept.

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