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Who texts anymore? When you have a plethora of instant messaging apps at your disposal and ephemeral messaging services like Snapchat sending a text message seems rather pedestrian but T-Mobile wants to change that. Last year when the carrier launched its nationwide Voice over LTE service it promised that a host of Rich Communication Services will come in the future and it’s following through on that promise today with the launch of Advanced Messaging.

T-Mobile is the only wireless carrier in the country to offer text messaging built on the Rich Communications Services standard, it says that this takes text messaging “in the mobile internet age.”

Advanced Messaging comes with a range of new features that brings text messaging close to instant messaging apps though they still offer more features. The enhancements include rich 1 on 1 and group messaging as well as near real-time chat, the ability to see when others are typing and when your message is delivered and read.

Then there’s the ability to share high resolution photos and videos up to 10MB as you would a regular text message, it will work right out of the box and there’s no need to download, install or setup an extra application.

Galaxy Grand Prime is the first device on T-Mobile to come with Advanced Messaging, the features will be released to other devices like the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S5 through a simple software update.

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