twerking-robotI know that we talked about a robot that comes in a softer exterior which jumps about like a frog earlier today, but here is something that is far more hedonistic and less altruistic. I am referring to PornHub’s Twerking Butt robot. You can check out this Twerking Butt in the action video right after the jump, where it is basically a standalone derriere of its own – and being connected to a compatible smartphone or tablet, you can then use the installed app to issue commands so that it will vibrate and twerk in the most lifelike manner possible.

Basically, the Twerking Butt from PornHub has been described to be able to let one “experience the ultimate in cyber passion,” and each purchase will come with a Virtual Reality headset so that you can fool yourself into thinking that this is no mere plastic butt. There will be two models made available in the market – namely the Classic and a Deluxe version which will retail for $699 and $999, respectively, although those who are interested right now will be able to enjoy a $200 discount.

The Deluxe version has an edge where it will actually net you actual twerking action, while the Classic version fails to live up to its name since it does not actually twerk, although both models will share a massage mode, vibration, and a heat option.

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