windows-10In about a day, Microsoft’s Windows 10 platform will be officially released to the world. Of course you might recall that a previous report stated that not everyone will get the operating system right away and that it might be a while before it makes its way onto your computer, even if you have already reserved your copy.

However according to several user reports, it seems that Windows 10 has already begun to pre-download itself onto PCs that have reserved their copy of the operating system. Some users have reported that the GWX folder has begun to fill up with files related to Windows 10 which seems to be in line with what Microsoft had promised earlier.

Now if you have reserved your copy of Windows 10 but have yet to get the files, fret not because we can only assume that this pre-downloading might be a staggered rollout to help prevent the servers from overloading. We’re not sure how one gets selected to have Windows 10 pre-download itself, but if you have reserved your copy, it should arrive soon.

In the meantime it should also be noted that Microsoft has a day one patch for Windows 10 finalized. This patch should help to stabilize the operating system further for those who are upgrading from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, so users will want to keep an eye out for that as well.

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