Nobody was expecting Microsoft to make the announcement that it made yesterday, the company rebranded its Xbox Music service to Groove without any prior indication. There’s nothing really different about Groove and it’s going to be more or less the same as Xbox Music so the question remains why did Microsoft do this? It turns out that the Xbox Music brand was confusing and that’s why Microsoft decided that it needed to be changed.

The company played around with a few possible monikers for its streaming service like Microsoft Music but in the end it decided to go with Groove.

According to Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore many people were confused by the Xbox Music branding because it might have given off the implication that an Xbox console is required to access the service, while that has never been true.

That’s one of the reasons why Microsoft has gradually been rebranding its entertainment services such as Music and Video which no longer carry the Xbox tag just to ensure users that a console is not required to use these services.

As for why it went with Groove instead of other possible names like Microsoft Music, the company says it “describes what people feel and do with music.”

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