Watching a vertical video on a mobile device can be a major pain because you have to put up with those nasty black bars at the top and bottom which just ruin the whole experience, landscape is the way to go if you want to watch videos for a substantial amount of time. YouTube on Android hasn’t been able to do full screen vertical videos but that changes today.

A new update has been pushed out for the official YouTube app for Android which finally enables it to play vertical videos in full screen.

Prior to this update if you tried to make a vertical video full screen the app would automatically display it up and down in landscape mode and rotating the device didn’t help since it just didn’t play vertical videos in full screen mode.

This is no longer the case on the latest version of YouTube for Android, making a vertical video full screen will preserve the orientation and the best part is that this works on both smartphones and tablets.

It’s good that Google has finally decided it’s time that the YouTube app was capable of doing this since it doesn’t look like people are going to give up recording vertical videos, might as well adapt to provide a better experience to people who want to watch them.

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