fallout shelterWhile Bethesda might be known for creating games for the PC and console, it seems like the company should definitely consider making more mobile games in the future, especially given the success of Fallout Shelter which saw the game dominate charts and pull in millions for the company.

That being said, how is the game faring so far? For those who are interested, Bethesda has released an infographic (see below) in which they share the various stats that they have collected on the game, and boy are they interesting. For example one of the biggest numbers that jumped off the page was the number of sessions played.

According to Bethesda, this number is over 1 billion which is astounding. Other stats include how there have been over 85 million vaults created, 81 million babies born in these vaults, 64 million dwellers sent out to explore the wasteland, 119 million fires started, 118 million radroach infestations, and over 41 million raider attacks.

We can only imagine that these numbers will be even higher now that the game has been officially released on Android as well, which you can get by heading on over to the Google Play Store for the download, or the iTunes App Store for iOS gamers.


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