diablo3header-1337811400Diablo 3 was released in 2012 and it was only a couple of years ago that Blizzard released an expansion for it in the form of Reaper of Souls. However it looks like Blizzard could have a new Diablo game planned, thanks to a recent job listing on the developer’s website (via The Escapist).

According to the job listing, it calls for an art director for an unannounced project for Diablo. At this point in time it’s anyone’s guess as to what that might be. It could be for Diablo 4, which at the moment seems unlikely given that the previous Diablo game is barely 3 years old, or it could potentially be for another Diablo 3 expansion.

At the moment we feel that this is the more likely of the two. There have been talks that Blizzard is working on a new Diablo 3 expansion and that chances are it might be making its debut at BlizzCon 2015 which is taking place in November. In fact this was sort of “confirmed” last year thanks to a leaked roadmap.

The roadmap had showed that Blizzard had another Diablo 3 expansion planned, so assuming that nothing has changed since then, this unannounced Diablo project could be it. In any case this is just speculation for now, but hopefully we will learn more at BlizzCon later this year.

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