Drones can be incredibly annoying if one keeps buzzing around you and you’re not exactly open to the idea of having one so close to your personal space. It’s not uncommon to see people react aggressively when this happens, like the man who shot down a drone hovering over his house, but this fisherman shows that you don’t need a firearm to stop a drone from annoying you. A fishing line can prove to be a capable weapon as well if it’s in the right hands.

The video of this fisherman hooking a drone flying close to him midair has already gathered quite a bit of steam over at YouTube, it just goes to show that many people still don’t appreciate having drones buzzing closeby.

It shows the annoyed fisherman display some serious skill as he hooks the drone midair in just one try, as the drone is hooked no doubt its operator sees that on the display and punches it into an upward ascent to wrestle it free from the line.

The video doesn’t really show what happened next but it does end with the drone operator removing quite a bit of fishing line from the drone’s propeller. Perhaps the person will now think twice before hovering the machine close to fishermen from now on.

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