froodly appIf you were at a grocery store and you see an item that’s about to expire but it’s been priced lower, would you buy it? Some shoppers who are on the hunt for a bargain probably might, but for those who are looking to get the freshest produce possible, they might be willing to pay more for an item that has a long way to go before expiring.

This usually results in food being wasted and thrown away due to its expired nature, but app developers over in Finland are trying to combat that with an app called Froodly. The idea being Froodly is to help reduce the amount of food being wasted by having its users take photos and sharing food items that are about to expire.

In turn this will allow shoppers on a budget to purchase them at discounts, thus saving the food from being wasted. Now the question is food that’s about to expire safe? So far research has found that expiry dates on food packets tend to be conservative. It has also been found that they tend to last much longer than expected.

Of course this doesn’t mean you should consume food blindly without smelling or checking its state, but for the most part you should be safe. So far Froodly has managed to team up with a partner supermarket and has signed up 200 users and 10 contributors to see if their plan will be viable.

The app itself has yet to go live but for those who are interested, head on over to Froodly’s website for the details.

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