There were whispers recently that something might be up with Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone, the hardware release was expected at some point later this year but now the company has confirmed that it won’t be happening in 2015. A tweet from the official Ara team account confirms that there has been a delay and shift from its plans to test out the modular smartphone.

However the company does say that it’s in the process of looking at a few locations within the United States where tests can be potentially conducted, but that’s not going to happen until 2016, that too was confirmed through a tweet from the official Project Ara account.

For those who are unaware Project Ara is Google’s vision of a modular smartphone where the user can easily swap out important components such as the processor, camera and battery as and when they feel like it. This will allow them to upgrade specific components without having to upgrade the entire device itself.

Google did show off a working prototype earlier this year but it appears that the progression towards a consumer product hasn’t been easy and Google just needs more time to perfect this project before it brings modular smartphones to market.

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