intel_signWhen you think of Intel, chances are you think of computer chips and processors found in desktops PCs and laptops. However given that the PC market is starting to see a decline and in a bid to diversify themselves, Intel has announced that their venture capital arm has decided to pump a whopping $60 million into a Hong Kong-based drone maker.


However this won’t be just an investment as Intel has also stated that they are planning on collaborating with the drone maker known as Yuneec Holding. This could potentially see Intel’s chipsets make their way into the company’s drones. According to Intel’s CEO Brian Krzanich, “We’ve got drones on our road map that are going to truly change the world and revolutionize the industry.”

Interestingly enough Intel’s drone ambitions sort of mirror Qualcomm’s own intentions. Both companies are currently competing in the mobile space, although to be fair Qualcomm does have a bigger lead. Recently Qualcomm stated that they believe that their chipsets have potential use in drones.

For example their SoCs could be used to control various aspects of the drone, which in turn could reduce the amount of components typically found in a drone, making it more affordable. While we can’t confirm Intel’s plans, we wouldn’t be surprised if they were along the same lines as well.

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