For close to a decade now it has been rumored that iRobot is looking into building robot lawn mowers, this is the company that makes the Roomba if you’re unable to figure out what it is that this company does. The company may have wanted to build such a product and even though it may have one in the pipeline it needed government approval to proceed further, which it has now received.

iRobot is now allowed to build hands-free lawn mowers that do the job on their own much like Roomba does inside the house. The idea behind this product is basically the same only that it cuts grass instead of sweeping the floor.

It’s not known at this point in time how the robot lawn mower is going to function but a Reuters report suggests that it will rely on stakes in the ground that wirelessly connect and map out where grass should be cut.

This method is what required approval from the government because the National Radio Astronomy Observatory raised objections that the mower’s signals would interfere with telescope. However the FCC has sided with iRobot in this matter and has said that the limitations will ensure astronomers don’t have to worry about interference from robot lawn mowers.

Even though it has been granted the approval to go ahead with the development of this product it may take a considerable amount of time before one is released to the public.

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