moto x style 2Despite Lenovo officially owning Motorola Mobility, both companies continue to operate separately with Lenovo pushing out their own brand of handsets while Motorola produces their own. Both brands offer up very different devices and don’t seem particularly complementary to one another.


However all of that is said to change. According to a report out of China, it seems that Lenovo Mobile, the division that handles the mobile aspect of the company, will be merged with Motorola and will ultimately be dissolved. This means that Lenovo the brand will continue making computers and laptops, while Motorola will continue focusing on smartphones for both Lenovo and Motorola.

The report seemingly cites Lenovo Mobile Group President Chen Xudong as saying, “The new organizational structure will be immediately released,” although Lenovo has yet to release a press release on this. That being said we suppose it doesn’t really come as a surprise. The company had previously announced that Motorola would be responsible for designing, developing, and manufacturing Lenovo’s smartphones.

So by merging both divisions together, it does help to make a unified front, plus given Motorola’s stronger branding in the mobile space we can only image that this will help Lenovo’s mobile efforts in the future.

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