lg teases samsungAs you might have heard, Samsung has opted to not launch the Galaxy Note 5 in Europe, claiming that they are assessing the market and will make a decision later. Whether or not this works out in favor for their European customers remains to be seen, but as far as LG is concerned, this is marketing gold.

Samsung’s (probably) fiercest South Korean rival has decided to capitalize on the Galaxy Note 5’s absence in Europe by posting a tweet as you can see in the image above, claiming that this is something that they would never do to their own customers, and tagging the company’s LG G4 smartphone in the process.

That being said, the LG G4 is a tad smaller than the Galaxy Note 5, but we suppose for those who really want a huge phone but don’t fancy the curved edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge+, the LG G4 would make a worthy consideration. Like we said there’s no telling if Samsung will ever bring the Galaxy Note 5 to Europe.

However a petition has since been launched in which those who really want the smartphone should go ahead and sign it to let Samsung know that the device is in high demand in Europe. In the meantime any of our European readers plan to get the LG G4 since the Note 5 will not be launched in their region?

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