microsoft logoAccording to a rumor from a little over a week ago, it was suggested that Microsoft could be announcing their new Talkman and Cityman Lumia handsets in September. Given that IFA 2015 will also be taking place in September, it was speculated that perhaps Microsoft could take that opportunity to announce the new devices.


Unfortunately for those who were hoping that this would be the case, sorry to disappoint. According to a post by The Verge’s Tom Warren, he has tweeted that the new Lumia handsets will not debut at IFA. “Oh and yeah for those asking, no Cityman or Talkman Lumia announcements at IFA for Microsoft.”

Given that Warren is known for being an insider when it comes to all things related to Windows, there is a good chance that he is right about this. Unfortunately this also means that a date is still pretty much up in the air with regards to when these rumored Lumia handsets will be announced, but chances are it will be announced when Windows 10 Mobile has been finalized for a release.

Warren also notes on Twitter that Microsoft’s presence at IFA 2015 will be more about making OEM hardware announcements, so if you’re hoping to see more Microsoft-made hardware you could be disappointed. Either way do check back with us during IFA 2015 next month for the details.

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