onedrive-updateThe good people over at Microsoft have just announced that the Groups feature in OneDrive? It will not longer have any more support from this October onward, which is a wee bit more than a year after the ability to come up with the creation of groups was done away from the service. Many users would have realized that shared folders worked well as a replacement, and because of this, every single existing group will no longer be around from October 16 onward.

One ought to take note, however, that since May 2014, there has been no ability to create groups in OneDrive. Existing groups, however, will have nothing to worry about since their documents had remained safe and sound until now.

Microsoft had already prepared those who are still using OneDrive groups by sending out an email, where this email will duly inform them on how the service will end on the aforementioned date in October, and it has put in their recommendation to download all files before sharing them through uploading those very same files to OneDrive via shared folders, or perhaps to make the jump to another service that offers something similar in nature. Perhaps it would be good not to procrastinate any longer, right? [Press Release]

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