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Microsoft Introduces 2FA-Locked 'Personal Vault' To OneDrive
Microsoft is adding an additional layer of security to its OneDrive storage service. It has introduced a new OneDrive Personal Vault feature which is essentially a folder which locks sensitive material behind two-factor authentication or an extra identity verification step such as PIN or facial/fingerprint authentication.

Microsoft Integrates OneDrive Storage With Skype
With there being so many different cloud storage services to choose from, like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, and OneDrive, how do you know which you should use? Microsoft is hoping that Skype users will pick OneDrive because the company has announced that they are integrating OneDrive storage with Skype.

Microsoft Releases OneDrive Files On-Demand For Mac
Microsoft’s OneDrive Files On-Demand feature is now available for users on macOS. The company today confirmed that it’s bringing OneDrive Files On-Demand to the rival operating system. This feature is available starting today for OneDrive beta testers.

OneDrive Will Soon Support Video And Audio Transcription
Microsoft has confirmed that it’s adding automated transcription capability to OneDrive. This means that the cloud storage service will be able to automatically transcribe audio and video files that users upload. There is a catch here, though.


OneDrive's New Folder Protection Feature Automatically Backs Up Folders
OneDrive users will now be able to take advantage of a new folder protection system. The feature will automatically sync their pictures, documents, and desktop folders to OneDrive. This will ensure that a computer’s important folders are backed up to the cloud storage service and that there’s no loss of data should something ever go wrong.

OneDrive File Restore Feature Reportedly Due Soon
It appears that Microsoft has developed a File Restore feature for its OneDrive cloud storage service that it’s going to roll out to users in the near future. This will enable users to restore their files from any point in the past and will certainly be a welcome addition for those who rely on OneDrive for their cloud storage needs.

Unlimited OneDrive Storage Limit Now Being Cut
Microsoft first announced its plans to cut free unlimited OneDrive storage back in late 2015. The announcement wasn’t welcomed by those who had come to rely on OneDrive for unlimited data storage. The company said that it was cutting the free storage limit to 5GB and that it would also end unlimited usage for Office 365 users. It set the cutoff date for unlimited users on March 1st so those […]

Microsoft Gets In On The Pokemon Craze With OneDrive Update
Pokemon GO is the craze of the moment and with the game having yet to be launched around the world, we expect that it will continue to trend for quite a while. Now we’re seeing a lot of photos of people posting their Pokemon GO experiences on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and Microsoft wants to get in on the fun as well.

Microsoft Has Begun Downgrading OneDrive Storage To 5GB
You might recall that last year Microsoft announced that due to the abuse of the system, they have decided to reduce the amount of free OneDrive space they were giving to their users. It was initially supposed to drop to 5GB for everyone, but they later changed their minds and said that users could sign up to opt into the scheme where you would get 15GB instead.

Microsoft’s Free OneDrive To Drop To 5GB July 27
Late last year, Microsoft announced that due to the abuse of the system, they would be reducing the amount of free OneDrive storage that they were giving out to customers. Free accounts that were initially give 15GB were said to reduce to 5GB, but the backlash that ensued saw Microsoft compromise.

Skype Integration Comes To OneDrive
Microsoft is gradually integrating Skype with many of its other services so it was only a matter of time before we saw Skype being integrated with OneDrive, and that’s what the teams have announced today. Skype has now been integrated with OneDrive, users can now log in directly from and this will make it easier for them to remain connected with friends and family while they collaborate on a […]

Stop Microsoft From Taking Away Your 15GB OneDrive Free Storage
It was back in November last year that Microsoft announced it was going to reduce the amount of free storage it gives all OneDrive users from 15GB to 5GB. Naturally users started criticizing Microsoft for this move so it had to backtrack slightly. The company said it would allow users to keep their 15 gigs of free storage as well as the 15GB camera roll bonus if they opt-in. If […]

Microsoft (Sort Of) Backtracks On Its Recent OneDrive Storage Changes
Last month Microsoft announced that due to abuse by certain users of their unlimited OneDrive storage plans, they will be axing that plan and reduce unlimited storage to 1TB. This also affected free accounts where it was originally set at 15GB but it has since been reduced to a meager 5GB.If you are a OneDrive user who is upset, you’re not alone and many have voiced their displeasure to Microsoft. […]

Microsoft Axing OneDrive Unlimited Storage Plan
Last year Microsoft announced that if you were an Office 365 subscriber, you would basically get unlimited OneDrive storage. This is a good deal especially in the face of competition today where there are storage services from Dropbox, Google Drive, and iCloud to compete with. However it looks like Microsoft has decided to change their minds.It would seem that this is due to a small group of users who have […]