Microsoft has almost always included patch notes with updates sent out in the past but the company will now be changing gears, it’s doing away with patch notes which means that it won’t detail all of the changes made through future Windows 10 patches. This has already been witnessed with the most recent updates for Windows 10 which brought important security fixes and the usual slew of improvements. Only the security update content was described while nothing was said about the other updates.

The company has said in a statement that as it has done in the past it will only post KB articles relevant to most updates which it will deliver with Windows as a service. Microsoft may choose to do additional promotion of new features as they’re deployed if the update is significant enough and is bringing new functionality to Windows users.

Basically what this means is that it’s up to Microsoft to decide which patches come with detailed release notes and which don’t, for example the recent cumulative update for Windows 10 just had a single sentence in the patch notes which said that the update brings “improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10.”

When asked if the company will release similar unexplained updates for Windows Server 2016 Microsoft said that it has nothing to share at this point in regard to Windows Server 2016.

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