Netflix is among the few online video streaming websites that’s offering content streaming in 4K, it has a growing library of 4K content that features TV shows, movies and documentaries. Netflix enforces strict copy protection on content that it streams in all formats to ensure that streamed content isn’t recorded and distributed illegally, but it appears that copy protection on the company’s 4K stream has been compromised.

TorrentFreak reports that a copy of Breaking Bad’s first episode in 4K has been posted to a private torrent tracker website, apparently the source of this file is from a Netflix 4K stream.

There haven’t been any independent confirmations regarding the existence of this file but if it really has been leaked this will be the first time that someone has been able to crack the copy protection measures that Netflix enforces on 4K content.

According to the report this 4K episode weighs in at around 18GB, which is not surprising, since 4K content isn’t exactly nimble to begin with.

Netflix allows 4K streaming on compatible 4K TVs that have support for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection 2.2, this standard is meant to prevent pirates from recording video or HDMI or other connection, but the report says that the file was captured from Netflix over HDMI.

The company is aware of the situation and while it hasn’t said that the file is real, it’s looking into the matter.

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