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JVC 500-Series Connected Camera For Live 4K Broadcasting
Because the demand for live events keeps rising with highly challenging logistics, JVC introduced the JVC 500-Series 4K cameras that are designed from the ground up to improve live broadcast production efficiency.

Sony 4K Streaming Service Ultra Launches Next Month
Sony first announced its new 4K streaming service at the International Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year and the company has revealed today when it’s going to be launched in the United States. As the name suggests, the service will enable subscribers to stream content in 4K Ultra High Definition, and for that, they will not only require a 4K TV but also a good enough internet connection that’s able […]

Netflix 4K Video Appears To Have Been Cracked
Netflix is among the few online video streaming websites that’s offering content streaming in 4K, it has a growing library of 4K content that features TV shows, movies and documentaries. Netflix enforces strict copy protection on content that it streams in all formats to ensure that streamed content isn’t recorded and distributed illegally, but it appears that copy protection on the company’s 4K stream has been compromised.

Hitbox Is Planning To Livestream Games at 4K Resolution
With YouTube Gaming approaching sometime later this summer, leaders like Amazon and Twitch should get ready to face more competition. Another competition is going to surface from Hitbox, which is a startup but has been in the arena for a while.


Netflix For Android TV Brings 4K Shows And Dolby Digital Pass-Through
If you’re an owner of a swanky 4K TV then this news is going to make you pretty happy. Until now the 4K segment has been yearning for exclusive shows tailored as per its pixel requirement and finally Netflix has taken the first step in the league of catering 4K television. The video-streaming service is offering its indigenous shows like Daredevil and House of Cards in 4K video quality.

Vizio Introduces More Affordable 4K TVs
There’s a reason why 4K isn’t a household technology around the world and that’s because most 4K televisions can cost more than what most people earn in one month. That obviously makes it much harder for a major segment of the market to spend money on 4K TVs. Fortunately there are companies out there who want to make this technology affordable, Vizio is one of them. The company today announced […]

Comcast Launches 4K Streaming
As 4K technology slowly starts entering the mainstream content providers are moving to make access to content in Ultra High Definition more easy. Online video streaming sites like Netflix and Amazon have already started streaming content in 4K. Now a major pay-TV provider, Comcast, is getting in the game as well.